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My experience with Zales had brought me nothing but stress, disappointment and so much dismay. It took me roughly five years to save for a ring upgrade and just ended up with so much disappointment.

I'm the type that more often than not, does research before purchasing a product. Thinking that Zales is a reputable company, I skipped the research and went straight to purchase, which is probably one of the biggest mistakes that I've ever made in consumer history. The ring that I bought and fell in love with was a 1CT Bridal set ring that consisted of 1 engagement ring and 1 matching wedding band with a 1/3 CT center stone size Marquise cut diamond accented by 20 princess cut diamonds in a wax setting from After so much anticipation, my packaged arrived as scheduled BUT to my surprise, I received a wrong and damaged Ring!

I got 1 ring with a princess cut center stone in a prong setting with 2 missing diamonds on one side. I was so furious, took pictures of everything and drove right away to the closest retail store with the items in its original fed ex box including copies of my transaction receipts and a print out of the product specification with photo of the original ring that I bought. I showed it all to the store manager and sales person. They have processed the return and advised me that I should receive a refund in 2 days.

What ticked me more was the store manager even had the audacity to ask me why I didn't go to their store to buy, as if blaming me for the faulty product I received. None of the Zales personnel apologized to me but instead the store mgr. tried to sell other jewelry to me in store. I already filed a formal complaint to better business bureau about my issue and will wait till I get a resolution.

I don't understand why Zales can get away with this? After my horrible experience, I have started to read about horror stories of other consumers with Zales.

I wish I have read the warnings earlier and saved myself from the misery. I hope someone will conduct an investigation considering the volume of people experiencing similar horror stories and most importantly, I hope I will be able to help and warn someone with my experience.

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You should have gone in to look in the store first, it may have looked one way in the photo and another on your hand. Buying jewelry online is always risky, at least you would've known what you were getting in person.

Also, customer service would've been more able to get you the ring you ordered, rather than the store.

You may have had your dream ring a week later instead of being stressed. But I've ordered from Zales (after looking in the store) and never had a problem.


What a mess! I know you are stressed beyond imagination but appreciate the warning. I wouldn't give Zales the time of day now.

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