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Get whatever the sales clerk says IN WRITING!you'll need it later.

If you lose your diamond, it's covered, but if you go in for the 6-month check and they find a loose stone, they harass you that you don't have a warranty and NOW you owe $80+ to fix it. Oh, I see, so if I go out and oops! Loose a stone, you replace it for FREE, yet when I'm proactive about caring for my ring, you nickel and dime me to death in saying that the warranty my husband got when he initially purchased the ring wasn't "lifetime" as the sale clerk explained, it actually expired in two years, and since it's after two years, we have this other "lifetime warranty" you can buy for $80 PER RING! WTH???

Here a beautiful expression of my husbands love for me has turned into this nightmare where this horrid company wants more money from me! I think I'm better off, going to your competitor, Zales, having my two rings of yours melted down and start from scratch. YOU SUCK! Another customer/family of customers you can say goodbye to.

Maybe next time a customer calls to complain you will get back to them in the 2 business days you promise (not a week, when I call to follow up), and then hire good managers who don't then call me, after I've followed up, to then again have the audacity to ask for MORE money and that I should upgrade my ring!

Are you for real or just on the planet to rip people off and take advantage of people?

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This is old but....seriously????

Of course you're THE ONLY ONE on the planet this happened to. Oh wait, no, YOU'RE NOT. It was a 2 year warranty get over it or melt the ring your husband gave you.


to Getoverit #1355982

When you pay for a LIFETIME warranty for as long as you own your ring, that's a lot longer than TWO years dimwit


Can anyone help me out and show me an example of this 6 month inspection sheet??

Richardson, Texas, United States #799985

You know what Zales is, A piece of ***.I purchased a tennis bracelet from them right.Took it back in 6 months and Had it cleaned and Checked right.Tell me how in the *** my bracelet turned green,I would say the bracelet was not real gold.And i never got anyone to take responsibility for this tennis bracelet.I will never purchase anything else from Zales period.F--- Zales.



I have my Lifetime Diamond Commitment Record Card and I just recently noticed that though have signatures for the first two inspections on record card, there are not any inspection numbers entered. Is this a code that changes with each inspection?

to Lee #1411439

Hi did you get a response about the Inspection number?

Roanoke, Virginia, United States #606487

I am surprised you all are having so much trouble.There is a difference from the diamond guarantee and the Lifetime warranty which is purchased at time of sell.

If your diamond falls out Zales will replace it. If you have the Lifetime warranty it additionally covers all repairs, sizing, and a trade-up for the lifetime of the ring so long as you have it inspected every 6 months after purchase. I have had to have my diamond engagement ring repaired when it was loose, sizes changed in my three wedding rings, a stone straightened in my wedding band among several other things.

Once Zales messed up the cathedral setting in my three stone and replaced the ring at no charge.I have never had a problem from them and if I wasn't 100% satisfied with the work I requested it be sent to another jeweler or went to a different store.


I JUST got back from Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City and had the EXACT SAME experience as the lady from San Francisco, CA.I took it in for my 6 month cleaning and she noticed ANOTHER fault on it and out of the blue she said I would have to pay for the repair??

I kept telling her we bought the Diamond bond and now I get told Huh? And now she's coming up with the lifetime warranty stuff? So, now I'm going to contact them and get this resolved! I've had to have my ring repaired about 5 times.

I had been in there so many times, that the manager told me that if I had to have it repaired again, they would hae to give me another piece.Now, I get this:( I wish they would get thier act together!


Not doing damage control.If you look carefully, I said I worked there, not work there.

What I do know from working in jewelry is that people can sometimes have unreasonable expectations as to the long term wear of their jewelry, and don't believe in doing maintenance required.

I am not saying that you may not have gotten a bad item, I don't know. I just know that even for people who are careful with their jewelry, maintenance is a matter of WHEN not if. Since it sounds as though your problems started 6 years in, I was just saying it could be from wearing it and not because it is defective.

Again, I don't know and haven't seen your ring.

Also, I know that I have not read the fine print on warranties I purchased in the past, but that being said, you can’t argue that they lie about their warranties if you don’t read them and know what they cover.It’s up to you to be sure you understand how your warranties work and not take someone else’s word over the printed facts they hand to you, especially if they are a sales person.

to AJ Gary, Indiana, United States #942385

My Fiance (husband now) purchased my engagement ring at Zales in 2013 I have taken it in every 6 months as promised and had been told 3 months before our wedding that a stone was loose.They sent it out had it repaired and cleaned etc no muss no fuss and never asked for addition funds because we bought the lifetime warranty.

I purchased my wedding band from elsewhere and discovered that there lifetime warranty also covered ANY jeweler work I wanted done not just sizing and repair but it does not diminish my love for my engagement ring.

Very satisfied customer.

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