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My husband bought my wedding and engagement band together which cost almost $3,000. Its was a 14k yellow gold with 1k diamond.

3 months later the gold started to fade! I have lots of god jewelry and this has never happened before although they are higher karat. We went back to the store a year later as i was living aboard. When we got there the sales man first he said my skin must have changed the ring????

i reminded him its GOLD and he said because its 14k there are metals then told us thats what happens with 14k as there are other metals its likely to fade. I didnt know much about 14k american gold so gave benefit of doubt and gave him to 'dip' in gold luckily my husband had lifelong warranty. When we got ring back it was bright yellow was very confused and hoped they secretly changed ring but a couple of months later it faded again! so i read up on it and found that even 14k, 9k what ever GOLD should NEVER fade.

White gold can turn yellow as its natural gold colour. So this was NOT a gold ring! We went back to Zales and told assistant everything and new information therefore, they couldnt tell me BS. Then they look at receipt then computer and a rude sales women was like Oh its actually white gold!

and we dipped it yellow because thats what your husband ordered!!! so they sold us a white gold ring and dipped it yellow instead of ordering it in yellow and have the nerve to say my husband was informed!! And thats why its fading back white!

We were shocked that she lied so blatantly and tried to make out like its no big deal we can order yellow gold now. We decided to wait for the manager and she apologised but they wouldnt give a refund as we dont trust their products anymore how can you lie to customers about what they purchased and be casual about it?

If you buy yellow gold thats what you pay for NOT gold plated??

Anyway they have ordered both rings in 'real gold' but im going to have it valued independently to make sure. DONT BUY FROM ZALES who knows if its real gold Or diamond for that matter!

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Is it a new thing for zales to engrave their name inside rings ?


Fake 1ct diamond and fake 14k gold ring I purchased from Zale's. Never do business with them.


Zales sells fake gold. DO NOT BUY from them!!!


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Same thing happened to my wife. Her yellow gold wedding band turns white every 4 months or so because Zales sold us a white gold band dipped in yellow gold. We will never shop at Zales again.


My best bet would be that your husband found a design he liked but it wasn't available in YG so that they dipped it so it would be color correct. I would think/hope he was told, so maybe after all the fuss he was too embarrassed to admit it.


Jen...don't throw stones in glass houses....YOU are wrong.White gold is alloyed differently than yellow gold to enhance the white color.The same is true with "Rose" gold(Pink). Ever seen black hills gold? White gold is rhodium plated to further whiten the gold.Rhodium, however should not be used on yellow gold, as the plating is thin & wears off with use.


there is no such thing as "white gold." there is only yellow, and to get the white, it has to be dipped. also, people don't sell 100% gold because it is the softst metal and would not hold up! DUH you are pretty f-n dumb


No, not at all. Nurmom isn't a very smart person.

Obviously they would be able to tell a ring from an 100$ ring and what your husband spent.

The truth is ALL major jewelry companies are rip offs. It seems like you can't buy any legit Jewelry theses days in the USA.


Sounds like your husband spent a total of $100 on both rings and is putting you through a hilarious trouble for it by not telling you the truth.

Guarantee he knew all along and is just making stuff up at this point to try and keep you blinded.

to Urmom #1245976

I bought a 10 kt ring from Zales a couple of years ago, and it turned my finger black. After two yrs, they finally let me exchange it.

I have another 10 kt ring, and it has never discolored my finger. Anyway, I exchanged it for a 14kt yellow gold, and paid the difference about two weeks ago. Today the so called 14kt ring turned my finger black. It's a bunch of bull#@&$!!!

My other 14kt rings don't do that, but then again, didn't get those from Zales. I personally think that alot of what they claim to be gold is just gold plating over silver, but they're charging you for what is supposed to be solid 10 or 14 kt.

They are definitely crooked. I hope enough ppl complain to them, and file reports with the BBB, and hopefully put them out of business.

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