I was sold earrings and a necklace on payment plan. Next I had trouble taking the payment.

My third visit was in the middle of the week when the Manager Ron and his staff were discussing ordering their inventory I only know this because I stood there for a long time without acknowledgement so I left also being the only person in the store fourth Time the foreign lady was very rude she asked for my SS# which I told her I never gave she snark replied that I had to, when she could not find my nonexistent Zales account she argued that the number was wrong then bothered with the payment plans. Last time was there for an hour and finally yelled and the lady in charge to give my refund so I could leave very rude I don't have room for everything but after the lady called me a trip rammed another client without apology then claimed she owed my $37 and gave me store #'s instead of the area manager #.

Monetary Loss: $384.

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