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I bought a bridal set for my wife and when I took it to a local jeweler to get it apprised they told me it was worth less than $150.00 really? On top of that I had it close the account and pay $576.55 of the remaining balance I had on the account, Citigroup had an 28.8 apr if you don't pay the balance in full, when I saw my statement I was charged almost $400.00 dollars just on interest charge.

I was told by Ken id HFO from zales that I had it call the insurance company on my ring and cancel it, otherwise I was going to still get bill for that.

I didn't know they where as bad as people describe it but they are. I think we a group of people should get together and sue citigroup and zales and get a settlement from the court.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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This same situation happened to me and I am not sure what to do. Zales sold me a believed to be real diamond ring on a white gold band.

We later found out over 3 months later that it was a fake diamond in a silver band. Now zales is being uncooperative and I am unsure of what to do.

My wife is embarrassed and I feel like I got ripped off. They completely lied to me and the ring was advertised as a genuine diamond on a white gold band.

Humble, Texas, United States #903855

Did you take the ring into a jeweler for and appraisal or did u walk into a pawn shop? I believe it was a pawn shop.

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #772504

I totally believe you. My husband bought me a 400.00 ring.

Had it appraised by two different jewelers and one gave a value of 50 and one of 60.

Perryville, Arkansas, United States #699883

150? Seriously?

That's what another jeweler said? Do yourself a favor and don't trust any of them, pay for a decent appraisel service. Jewelers only want to slice through the jugular of other jewelers. I've seen silver for 150, how's this possible?

Oh yeah, a different jeweler said so. Appraisel needed here.


Typically the "value" is based on multiple variables. For instance, the metal, which fluctuates hourly. The amount of Gold (for instance) in the ring is one determining factor, along with the details of the gems. In regards to Gold, right now, the value of Gold in very, very low. Just to give you an idea, it has dropped over $300 since March, closed the previous Friday at $1295.25. That is based on an Ounce of pure gold. Last year, But there are a lot of variables to work with there, because in 2006, the price of gold was half of it's current price. SO, really, the cost of the ring, versus the value can and will go up and down with the market.

While I am not surprised, many larger "Name Brand" stores can generally get away with inflating the price, simply because of the name. Buying ANYTHING new has an immediate depreciation value, cars, homes, first born.. You may not wish to ever get a new car appraised or new home, even days after the sale, it will hurt your feelings.

Make sure you got an actual appraisal with all details of the appraisal in writing. Reason being, it really needs to be fully worked up, not some guy giving his "best guess"

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Thanks for your time and comment!

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