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I purchased a new insert for my diamond wedding ring, I also purchased a new band with diamonds to match the new insert for my diamond ring. I sent both pieces out thru the store, and on my receipt it stated please fit diamond ring around the insert.

Well the insert came back without my diamond ring. When I got the email on a friday saying my "jewelry was in " I didnt have a chance to go until monday when I went the store associate tells me only one came in! I asked how can that be ? He said I should have called t make sure both were in, now I was getting annoyed why would I have to call to see if both pieces are in when I sent them out together!

They had from friday to contact me saying only one piece came in. SO I told them I guess ship the insert back so they can make the diamond ring fit inside the insert. They said oh no it will be fine it doesnt have to be shipped back . Ok I said the diamond ring comes in.

Guess what the diamond ring doesnt fit correctly in the insert ring! Now after 6 weeks I still dont have either piece estimated date is Aug 11. Manager of store then assured me that it will be rushed and disregard the date on the reciept it will be back no later than this wednesday if not for sure on thursday,l she would be calling me during the week to let me know which day. Well by thursday with no call no email nothing I call the store to ask if it was in.

Well guess what it wasnt and they are sooo sorry. They were gonna call the jeweler right now and get back to me. Well its a saturday and still no call back and nothing about my ring. I put it on my zales charge card because they said it was a no finance promotion for 1 year.

But guess what I received the credit card statement and I was charged an additional 9.95 they call it a transaction fee after calling the credit card they explained it is a store fee to use the promotional offer. WOW i can go to best buy and other stores and get the same promotional deal and NOT pay a transaction fee of 9.95 .I am not a happy customer .

Zales customer serice needs to be worked on. ALso charging the 9.95 to get the promotional offer is wrong also.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zales Ring Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: No solution, Customer service on the phone.

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I just sent a chain and cross to have it rhodium plated, I will make it a point to make and publish a comment after I receive my items back. I haven't dealt with Zale's in years but I am about to find out what kind of work is done and also about customer service.

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