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Let me first say that I am utterly disappointed and with They have created more stress and problems for me this holiday season than I have ever had before.

I browsed the website until I found the ring that I wanted to purchase, and to make sure that I could receive it by Christmas"”as I was ordering it on the 14th of December"”I called customer service by phone. When the lady checked with her manager and assured me that I would receive the ring by at least Christmas Eve, I allowed her to place the order for me. She said that I would receive a confirmation that the item had shipped, and one week later it had just been "located in stock," not shipped. When I called to make sure they were going to ship it soon, I was told that there was a glitch on the website and shipping for this item could be 2–3 weeks longer than expected.

After excepting the fact that my girlfriend's Christmas present wouldn't arrive until New Years or later, I bought her another present so she'd have something to open on Christmas. Tonight, the 22nd of December"”8 days after my order was placed, and 2 days before the original "delivery date""”I received an email stating that my order had been cancelled. Seriously? After all the trouble I've been through to make sure my gift would arrive on time, they cancelled it entirely.

Thanks Zales. Merry Christmas to you too.

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Get off your lazy *** & stop buying jewelry online. Serves you right for waiting till the 14th & buying online.


Boy, that sounds like typical stuff, sorry to hear that happened. I too have ordered from Zales, and I haven't received a confirmation email that it shipped, that scares me.

I did call customer service this morning and they assured me that it would arrive by tomorrow.

Said they upgraded every order for free so they would arrive on time, well we'll see. Thanks for sharing your story.

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