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ZALES is the worst Jewelry store ever!!!!! I regret the day I took my ring to get fixed there.

I trusted this Jewelry store now I hear their name and I quickly let people not to look their way. I took my engagement ring because a diamond fell off. I still had the diamond so I just wanted them to install it back on. My ring came back in 3 days.

Quick but I was shocked. Not even 2 hours on another diamond fell off. I took it back told them about it and of course the lady Linda was giving me an attitude and asking me where I got it like if it was stolen or something. The nerve of this woman..

So I requested that none of the other diamonds get touched because I heard horror stories of people bringing in their diamonds and then all of a sudden it gets replaced with some cheap diamonds. It took 2 months for me to get it back mind you I never even got a phone call that it was in… So I go pick it up and the diamonds look black!!!! I was so pissed!!!! I took it home and then took it to work where we have microscope and saw 1 diamond was CRACKED another 1 had a bubble and then another diamond had a dent in it..

From the naked eye you wont see it but when you know your diamonds you could tell instantly!!! They replaced all my GOOD diamonds with cheaper quality diamonds and with a BUNCH OF FLAWS!!! I HATE that Jewelry store and I would never go back!!

And I wanted the email of the person who this Jewelry store belongs too and they denied me that information…. NEVER EVER GO THERE!!!!!!!

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You didn't ever look at your ring under a scope before did you. Why would zales want your diamonds?

They have hundreds/thousands/millions of them. Really?

It's not the local pawn shop. Besides there is no profit in switching diamonds for diamonds.

Red Jacket, West Virginia, United States #241539

Get your ring appraised now that it has been fixed and if you had it appraised anytime before you sent it in to be fixed, compare the appraisals. If there is a huge discrepancy, contact every Executive at the Corporate Office.

You can find their names on the official website.

I have their names and you can bet I'm holding on to them. I just got my ring back yesterday and I plan to get my appraised again to see if it comes close to the original appraisal and diamond quality report.

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