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Zales has terrible customer service and the quality of their merchandise is very poor. My fiancee paid $4,000 for my engagement ring only to have a diamond fall out 3 months later.

I'm not the type of person who is rough. My daily activities include going to class and homework. Zales has given me the run around since day 1. My merchandise was never in the store on the promised date.

The first incident occured when I brought the ring in to be resized. The ring was supposed to take only a week. When I went into the store to pick it up I was told that the ring had not been sent off to the jeweler yet. The second incident happened when one of the diamonds fell out.

I was sitting in class and just so happen to glance at my hand and noticed and empty place. My ring was a past present future ring so it looked as if it was missing teeth. I immediately informed my fiancee. We took it into the store on October 30, 2007.

The sales associate informed us that it would take 2-3 weeks to come back. Three weeks from that date was printed on our receipt as the promised date. Three weeks later I went into the store to pick it up only to be told that it actually takes 4-6 weeks. About 5 weeks later I called to check on the status only to be told that it usually takes 6-8 weeks and that the original person who had told me 2-3 weeks was new and didn't have the right information.

8 weeks later which was last week on January 2, 2008 I called the corporate office. They really couldn't give me an exact date. They said that the repair center only accepts emails not phone calls and to call back on January 8, 2008 which would be exactly 2 months since my ring was actually sent off to the repair center (yes, my ring sat there for 9 days before being sent off). When I called the store on January 9, 2008 I was told that the repair center sent an email to the store saying that it would be another 3 weeks before I would receive my ring.

The Zales staff in Baton Rouge, LA are very rude. Every time myself or my fiancee would call the to check on my ring we were treated very badly. After my fiancee paid $4,000 for a ring the last thing I would expect would be for a diamond to fall out after only 3 months. We have been engaged for 6 months and half of that time my ring finger has been empty.

I will never do business with Zales again. I will also tell every single person that I can to do the same. I attend college out of state so imagine how sad and depressed I was when I went home back to California for the Christmas holiday without my ring. Every where I went people constantly asked about my ring.

I had nothing to show for my engagement, only a terrible story about Zales. I honestly think we should all try to get a class action lawsuit going.

This is really absurd. I'm afraid to get my ring back after hearing all of these horror stories about the diamonds not matching and not being clear.

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Yea I looking at rings with my wife and other jewelry, they from poor quality and they come from China and India. There diamonds are usually from I2-I3

You don't know there quality of cuts also.

They are low quality diamonds very bad inclusion you can see and very over price. Don't buy from them. They install high quality Lights to catch your attention on the diamonds. You have to step out on sunlight to see if they really sparkle.

Buy from a GIA jeweler.

Those small business jewelry shop. They have the best stones and they be happly show you the stones and where they come from.

Moss Point, Mississippi, United States #721942

Same thing happened to me w/Zalesd and I'm still going through it w/Zale's because of a faulty sizing that caused my band to be sooooo Thin and my band finally bent inward! I told them when my ring came back from sizing that the band seemed too thin.......they (in Store personnel) insisted that that was a normal sizing look!

Im so disgusted w/Zales who has been around along time but where else can we go?! #Pissed #Disgusted


I have had my wedding ring for 4 years and have lost count on how many times accent diamonds have fallen out. Then, everytime my ring is repaired they send it out to be fixed.

So, it takes 2 weeks to get it back. Zales has had my ring more then I get to wear it.

Very poor quality! Would stay away from Zales and def find a jeweler that does in house sizing and repairs.


My husband bought a sapphire and diamond ring for me for our 25th anniversary on October 11, 2011. I took it in the next day to be sized from a 7 to a 7 3/4..I was told it would take two weeks since they send it out.

(seemed excessive but I loved the ring so didn't mind waiting) When the ring came back it had been sized down to a 3 3/4 instead of up to a 7 3/4! (the employee had typed the size incorrectly into the computer) We felt that it was ruined since extra metal would have to be added to size it up 4 sizes and asked for a new ring. Supposedly there was a rush put on it for the sizing but I still do not have my ring 3 wks later.

I called today and the employee was unsure about what was going on and said I would have to call back tomorrow when the manager was there. I am so frustrated..never have experienced such poor customer service.


I have had to take my wedding set into Zales about 5 or 6 times now I've lost count. Since they keep closing stores I no longer have my original salesman who was awesome.

The Cerritos store is awful, they are rude and this last time I went to pick up my ring the center stone was not the same as the original. When I explained this to the salesman he admittely accused me of lying, claiming I was too hard on my ring and that it's because the ring is clean that the center stone looks yellow and cracked. I am so livid at this point, and when he called his manager at home he spoke softer and in Spanish.

I have never been so offended. I am really disapointed with Zales and will never be making anymore purchases there, but I do plan on filing a complaint about both employees and my stone better be replaced.


I have a safe full of Zales Diamonds. 2 carat solitaire, 1 carat baget, 2.5 carat Flame ring, 1.5 carat ring with what appears to be 3 large stones but is really 3 rounds of small stones, 2 carat Diamond necklace that matches the ring I listed just before this, 3 Saphire Rings, 1 1.5 carat looks like a ballerina ring, 1 braided yellow gold necklace, and I have had to take one ring in twice to have diamonds replaced that fell out but they did it and were very timely about it. I hope I never have a bad experience.

Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada #14263

I have done lots of bizz with zales, and am very happy w/ only 1 minor instance which was quickly corrected.

However as always you have to beware.

When I bought from them I of course watched the sales people, double checked the pieces I bought, and read the fine print. Which should always be done when doing any kind of monetary stuffs.

Munising, Michigan, United States #6153

I bought a certified diamond from zales, it was sent to repair for sizing, it came back not a certified ring. I was told they would find me another ring with same clairty /color and size.

I waited for 8mon. not results then was told I had to wait longer due to x-mas, they were too busy to take care of my ring.

I had an argument with store manager and district manger. Both were rude and told me they were too busy.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #2227

This happened to me as well..and yes it was frustrating BUT have you gone to the top of the ladder in the company itself? Have you written them a letter to the company? I did, and i staed i was goin g to give them ample time to contact me..meaning within 3 days ..or i would contact the media with this ..they did contact me, and they told me to go back in to the store and pick out a ring that was comparable to the price of the ring that i originally had received..they had nothing that I did like..i found something more expensive and the store rep contacted the person i had complained to and he told her to allow me to have that ring at no additional cost to me..i was amazed that they were that concerned, to show them my gratitude an additional purchase was made for me by my significant other he purchased me a 2ct Journey necklace ..i strnogly suggest going right to the top..Good Luck...Debbie

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