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My boyfriend got me a Zales promise ring two weeks ago, and it's already falling apart! There are 6 small diamonds on the ring surrounding the birthstones, and yesterday I noticed one was gone.

Then when I was looking at it, another one fell out into my hand! We're both very upset because after looking into these reviews, Zales is untrustworthy, and might not send our ring back.

Also the ring is poorly designed to get re-fitted, the band is way too thick.

We are stuck on what to do, getting a new ring (and probably from another company) ruins the sentimental value, but I'd hate to see this ring fall apart until there's nothing left!!

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Naples, Florida, United States #626534

With small stones, this can happen with jewelry from any jewelry store. It depends on the setting actually and how small the stones are and how they are mounted. Are the diamonds stones or chips? What is carat weight of the accent stones? Anything less than a .05 is cheap to replace, and can be picked up at a pawn shop cheap. I have a few diamond rings that have small stones, and I bought a diamond band with .03 point diamonds. I wear the band sometimes, but I really have it just for the stones. $65 for the ring, and I have 26 stones to use as replacements. (Cheaper than buying them from the jeweler at retail).

Some tips for rings with small stones: Take them off when doing anything with water. In fact, take them off for anything active with your hands. Don't use any type of oil based lotion when wearing your rings.

Large stones are easier (well nor easier but sit in the mount tighter) than smaller stones.

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