My boyfriend boought me a $3,000 diamond ring. The diamonds were channeled up against one another.

I had taken it to Zales to be sized and even though he purchased it there they charged us to have it sized. Well, we paid the fee, I wore it twice and the diamond fell out. Thank God I found it. We took it back to Zales and they said the setting had been loosened when the ring was sized?

My Fault?? Shouldn't that have been checked before giving it to us. This happened not once, not twice but three times. The first time my guy paid for it, the second time I went in and raised cane and he paid for it again, But I made sure that anyone in the store at that time knew about the crappy workmanship and their nasty policies.

The third time I took the ring to Alberts and they took care of it. The diamond never fell out again. Anyone reading this...Go to Albert's and be treated with respect when purchasing for yourself or your loved one.

Tell Zales they can stick it. I work in the mall with a Zales and if I ever see or hear anyone talking about purchasing from that store I let them know how terrible they are

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I am wondering what you do with the ring that would cause the diamond to fall out three times. It doesn't just fall out of 14kt gold by itself.

You women fry me. You complain about shoddy workmanship but more than likely, you banged the ring against the headboard of your bed because heaven forbid you ever take the *** thing off your finger.

Try to pull the diamond out of its setting, I dare you. It's heat intensified fricking gold!


I'm sorry this was your experience. First, if the ring they sized for you, was too smallfor the type of setting it is, then they should have special ordered it in your size.

Secondly, they never should have charged you to reset the stone when they sized it for you and according to you they said it was due to the sizing. They never should have sized it, if it posed too great a risk to compromising the ring. Thirdly, you never mentioned whether or not you got the manager involved. It is critical, and this applies to any retail situation, if you feel your are not getting the type of service you need or deserve, it falls upon the manager to try to find a reasonible resolution to the problem.

Good managers will tend to error on the side on the customer, because in the end it's good P.R. for the company.

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