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We went to Zales at Bayshore Mall in Glendale, WI. We chose a ring. The salesperson went online and ordered a different ring stating that it we will receive it sooner if we did it that way (5-7 days). My fiance gave the sales person cash. The sales person placed the order online at She applied the cash to a gift card without asking us. Six days later, I received an email stating that my order was cancelled. The payment had been... Read more

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I went to Zales Town W. Sq. 4600 W Kellogg Dr. P-01A Wichita Ks. I brought 3 Coach watches that needs battery change. The Zales woman associate installed the batteries. I went home & noticed later that only 1 watch is working, the 2 watches doesn't move. I went back to the store & complaint. One thing I noticed, 2 of my watches that are not working has a metal scratches on the back & the other one has a little metal scratch on the side. The... Read more

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Terrible customer service. First we were simply lied to about how long our order would take. We tried to explain that to a manager and she apologized, and expedited one of two rings, which honestly did not help at all. The very day we took it to corporate, they called and told us it would be in in two days. Fantastic, why didn't that happen right away? Could the local store not fix this on their own? Honestly? Ridiculous. To make matters worse,... Read more

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Had purchased rings there and my setting broke off was told it would take 8 to 10 business days to get repaired its been a month and no call no apology no care in the world from any representative when ive called to stopped by to inquire abt how much longer , empathy goes a long way Sometimes especially when i call the branch in Trumbull CT and they hang up on me . Im very disappointed in the service so far still no one knows,how much longer... Read more

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My boyfriend has been buying me beads for my persona bracelet he got me for our last anniversary from Zales Jewelers at the Harford Mall in Harford county MD. Ive had issues with two beads in particular that I've been told I could replace as much as I needed, and so I've replaced them multiple times (up to 5 times in less than 6 months). I do not abuse my jewelry and have other expensive and delicate bracelets/watches/rings that I wear daily and... Read more

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I had my ring 3 months and the prong broke and a diamond fell out so I called zales and the guy said sorry we can't help you get it back in time before your wedding. My fiance called the district manager and she had my ring rush ordered and said that it would be back in a week and it would come sized. Well when we went to look at it it was a size bigger and they said the reason they didn't get it sized was because they wanted to make sure it was... Read more

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I got my wedding rings from her last year in October... the rings was beautiful. Only thing is when I got the ring it was too big so I sent it back to get size (I had to pay for)... When I got it back it was the wrong size again. Then when I got it back a week later the diamond fell out. I had to take it back and then took a month to get the ring back... after getting it back I was scared to wear it because I thought a diamond would fall out...... Read more

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  • Aug 15
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Was not allowed to return a bracelet within the 60 days and original receipt. PERFECT CONDITION. Was told by the manager that corporate had increased by credit limit. See, i was returning the one piece of jewelry bc somehow my cc limit went 949.50 OVER THE LIMIT. Manager could not tell me why "updated software is running slow" "they (corporate )increased your cc limit. Don't worry! " LIES!!!

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Chose a couple gifts for my daughter online, earrings and a necklace. Both were on sale, but I wanted to shop around so I tagged them as my favorites. The next day later I received a "Exclusive Sales" card in the mail from Zales that included a coupon for $50 off during a 4 day sale. I decided to wait the two days for the so called "Exclusive Sale" knowing that anyone could walk into the store and get the same sale price, without the $50 off... Read more

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  • Aug 08
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I would not shop at Zales they have racist employees working there

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