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I don't give Zale's one star...I give it zero. My experiences with Zale's have been so abysmal that I must warn people to never even set foot in there. My husband and I got our wedding rings at Zale's a few years ago and my husband ended up losing his, so I went back to buy a new one. The salesman told me that I should have purchased the insurance because it would have replaced the lost ring. I thought "wow, that's too good to be true!" and paid... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 07
  • #987270

Rude customer service. At Liberty Center, Ohio location. Despite having a description on the phone from my husband that was identical to one of their employees stating free resizing they still denied it was ever said. And were rude about it. Will never go back there

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 05
  • #985865

Got engaged 2 weeks ago and had to get the ring sized and was informed that after two weeks it was gonna be another week...I know understand the dissatisfaction with sales

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I placed a online order several days before Christmas 2016. The items were all listed in stock , three items to be exact . After I went to the cart, it stated if the order was placed by 11pm I would receive by items by Christmas Eve with free shipping as well. Sales was so having a great sale and free shipping , I thought you can't beat that right . The day before Christmas Eve I logged in to Check the status one item was shipped the other 2 was... Read more

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My Zales account had been paid off for two months and they wait until 2 days before Christmas when I am trying to purchase a gift to say Oh we are closing your account. I had just checked the account online before I went to the store and the account showed open. So I asked why was it not closed when it was paid off or why was I not informed. The lady said they only made decision when I tried to use the card again. WTH kind of company does that.... Read more

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I ordered 3 items via the Zales website, I recieved 1 in a box. The same day I got another box from them that was addressed to me but inside the packing slip was to someone in NY - I am in CO. Clearly not what I wanted. I called to ask how to send it back, since it wasn't my item and I shouldn't have to pay for it. After 3 days they sent me a label. And was told I would get a refund for the items I didn't receive. I shipped the item out the next... Read more

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Today my boyfriend and i went to zales the woodlands mall to pay on my ring and of course look at my future ring ..well after much thought i firmly believe that the sales representative in which i didnt get her name but i can describe with no problem,sadly she gave me the impression as if she didnt want to help me, like i was in wrong place in which i wasn't. She almost didn't even want to show me the ring that we plan on getting once we pay off... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 19, 2016
  • #976185

I went to the zales in Easton, OH and the were extremely rude and spoke to me like I was beneath them. Later I went to another major jeweler and found the same ring for a third of the price.

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Avoid this sham of a jewelry store. Do not place orders over the phone or online. I placed an order with a phone rep who obviously has a hearing issue. She submitted 32 instead of 22 as part of my shipping address. When I received the order confirmation and began calling to correct the info before my order ships to the wrong address they tell me we need to submit a Request. Imagine a request to correct their error! Called 1 week later still no... Read more

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I walked into Zales to get my 5ct ring inspected/ cleaned and Tanisha, a worker at Zales begin helping another customer with my ring on her thumb after cleaning it. Needless to say I was pissed off with her walking around the store helping another customer with my ring. Cutting tags off items with scissors and so forth. I asked for a manager and she said the manager was off today. Poor customer service!! Read more

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